SwiftUI Activity Indicator 👇

The Blue Prototype
2 min readNov 9, 2020

I am assuming that you are aware with in UIActivityIndicatorView UIKit framework. Here, I will explain same activity indicator view by SwiftUI framework.

Get Started

I hope, you have some basic knowledge on SwiftUI framework. So I am starting with activity indicator code.

In SwiftUI, there is ‘ProgressView’ view to draw activity loader. You can see in the below image. Now, I will play with its properties to make it more attractive.

In Depth

Now, I will draw simple activity indicator as you have seen in the top gif image.

  1. First created a View which returns the ‘ProgressView’ and takes two parameters — tintColor & scaleSize. Where tintColor is the activity indicator color and scaleSize is to set the size of indicator. Here setting the ‘ProgressView’ style as ‘CircularProgressViewStyle’ with tintColor.
  2. Then, in the body of ContentView, vertically, I added this LoaderView with a button. This button has action to show/hide the activity loader and simultaneously changing the text of button.
  3. I also done some other stuff. e.g. Created a View extension to show/hide a view in a smooth manner. Added some padding between LoaderView & Button.

That’s done 👏

Here is link of full source code: https://github.com/sanjeevworkstation/SwiftUIActivityIndicator

Thank You. Happy coding! 👍